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The Spanish lessons via Skype that are offered by Spanish Lessons Online are a revolutionary new way of using the technology of Skype to put people from all over the world in contact with the professional Spanish teachers in Mexico. Skype Spanish Lessons allow you to learn Spanish in
Mexico from the comfort of your own home or office.
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Spanish Skype Lessons - Professional Spanish Teachers
Spanish-Lessons-Online’s talented staff of Spanish teachers has over 150 years of combined experience teaching Spanish as a second language to foreigners from around the world. Find out more...
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Spanish Skype Lessons - Risk Free Spanish Lessons via Skype
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Spanish Skype - Skype Spanish lessons - Professional Spanish Teachers

Spanish Lessons Skype - bullet Mexican Spanish Teachers

Spanish Lessons Skype - bullet Director: Laura Ramírez - Years of Experience: 15

Director Laura has a degree in teaching Spanish as a Second Language and another degree in teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Morelos. Before taking on the position of Director of Education at she taught at the Spanish at the University of Texas-Austin in the U.S. as well as at many of the most prestigious Spanish schools around Mexico (UnInter, Solexico, Querétaro Language School, Sol y Maya, Instituto Jovel among others). She now handles most of the trial/evaluations classes for

Spanish Lessons Skype - bullet Guadalupe (Lupita) Vázquez - Years of Experience: 32

Professeur Lupita has been teaching Spanish to foreigners for over 3 decades. She started teaching in Cuernavaca in the 70's and then moved to Querétaro in the 80's with her family. She believes in constantly learning and even today takes classes about history, art and religion at night to keep herself sharp.

Spanish Lessons Skype - bullet Gisela Rosalez - Years of Experience: 34

Professeur Gisela is the most experienced Spanish language teacher on the staff. She has been teaching Spanish to foreigners from around the world for almost 35 years. She takes great pleasure in learning new teaching methods in order to strengthen her already vast knowledge of the art of teaching.

Spanish Lessons Skype - bullet Veronica Silva - Years of Experience: 18

Professeur Veronica is on the language education staff at the Tech de Monterrey. Before starting work at the university she worked in multiple private language schools gaining over 18 years of experience teaching Spanish to all types of students.

Spanish Lessons Skype - bullet Julietta Gonzalez - Years of Experience: 17

Maestra Julietta is a language teachers for the University of Querétaro. She also has a masters in the Linguistics Otomí (native indian language of the region). She has taught Spanish as a second language for over 17 years in Mexico and in England.

Spanish Lessons Skype - bullet Ana Luz Martinez - Years of Experience: 14

Maestra Ana Luz is also a language teacher for the University of Querétaro. Before getting her masters in Education she worked at different Spanish language schools around Mexico to gain experinece. She took the position of language teacher at the universtiy 6 year ago.

Spanish Lessons Skype - bullet Berenice Vázquez Andrade - Years of Experience: 12

Maestra Berenice has worked for many years as a Spanish teacher and area coordinator at Spanish schools in Mexico. Her undergraduate degree is in language education and literature and has her masters in education of a Spanish as a second language. She recently got married and works full time giving Skype Spanish lessons.

Spanish Lessons Skype - bullet Beatriz (Bety) Barrera - Years of Experience: 7

Maestra Bety works at a Spanish language school for foreigners in Querétaro, Mexico. Before starting at the language school she worked as a teacher at a monteseurri school while working on her Masters in Spanish language education. She has been working as a Spanish teacher for 7 years.

Spanish Lessons Skype - bullet Miryam Fabiola Téllez Torres - Years of Experience: 5

Maestra Miryam has a degree in Spanish education from the Universidad Autonoma de México, Mexico City. She currently recides in the largest Spanish speaking city in the world of Mexico City and teachers Spanish online to students from around the world.

Spanish Lessons Skype - bullet Spanish Teachers from other countries

Spanish Lessons Skype - bullet Mariana Mineo - From: Colombia - Years of Experience: 15

Maestra Mariana has a Masters in Spanish education and is certified to train people for the DELE exam. She has taught Spanish for over 15 years all over Europe. She recently returned to Columbia with her family and continues her passion to teach Spanish with us online.

Spanish Lessons Skype - bullet Claudio Cabrera - From: Uruguay - Years of Experience: 7

Maestro Claudio graduated from the University of Uruguay, Montevideo with a degree in Spanish education. Since then he has taught Spanish in Uruguay, Costa Rica and the United States. He recently returned to Uruguay and continues to teach Spanish both in person and online.

Spanish Lessons Skype - bullet Magaly Sánchez - From: Paraguay - Years of Experience: 4

Maestra Magaly has a degree in education and was trained to be a Spanish teacher at International House. She currently teachers Spanish and English at a school in Ireland and continutes to teacher Spanish to students from around the world online.

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